Experience since 1970

For five decades, STAMEXAL company has been active in the manufacture of sliding frame rollers, which are available in Greece and abroad. Since its foundation in 1970, it has established itself as one of the market leaders in a highly demanding sector.

In 1986 our headquarters moved to Xylokeriza, Corinthia, in privately owned premises of a total area of 20 acres, where the production, testing, warehouse and accounting departments operate.

Our aim

Absolute quality, respect for high standards and control in all phases of production and processing up to the final product, give the company a comparative advantage.

The constant enrichment of our product range according to market demands, as well as the ability and willingness to manufacture on request any special products, shows that one of our objectives is to meet all the requirements of the market and our customers.

stamexal_facilities stamexal_facilities

It is recommended to our customers, for avoid counterfeits, to look for the brand STAMEXAL on each of our parts.

Our responsibility

The excellent consistency that we demonstrate in our relations with our partners and our state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, combined with many years of experience and specialization, have resulted in STAMEXAL rollers the best solution for the sliding frames of all companies.

"STAMEXAL" has deservedly won the trust of both the domestic and foreign markets, as a large part of the production is exported to various European countries.